Eye Surgery Clinic – Beirut, Lebanon

Our International team ov Doctors and Volunteers

On Sunday May 8th until Tuesday May 10th we will have another eye surgery clinic in Mohammed Khalid Social Foundations in Qouzai. INMA Foundation is responsible for all the details of this wonderful program that has been a blessing for so many. Our international team of volunteers will, together with many nationals, aim to bring people from many communities in Lebanon together as this Peace-Building initiative is one of our most effective and long-lasting projects. As we see that Maronites, Shiites, Sunni’s and people from all other religious sects have in common that they develop Cataract, we can step in and serve without making any distinction between them. Do you know someone with a mature Cataract? Bring them to our clinic! We hope to see you, and if not now, may be another time!

For Information call 71139381

For INMA Foundation,

Robert Pelgrim

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