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Inma Foundation is based upon a vision of mutual service.Through unbiased giving and countrywide development projects, we provide the disadvantaged communities of Lebanon with empowerment, education and the tools for reconciliation. In return, our beneficiaries build their own communities with wisdom, spiritual strength, and a love which spans cultural borders.
In 1986, following Lebanon’s devastating civil war, Samir and Sophie Kreidieh returned from Saudi Arabia to find their homeland in ruins. With experience in scholarship fundraising, the Kreidiehs were determined to widen their philanthropic reach to provide an authentic humanitarian service.

They started Inma Foundation in 1987, serving poverty-stricken communities with medicine, food, shelter and supplies. In 1995, evolving with Lebanon’s changing needs, Inma redirected their focus to offer guidance in education, hygiene, agriculture, and other essential human needs. In 2002, to accommodate growing need and provide administrative structure, Inma Foundation opened a center near Bourj el Barajneh Palestinian Refugee Camp. Founders Samir and Sophie have seen their humanitarian efforts full circle as they see how Inma’s past beneficiaries have built a better life.

At Inma Foundation, we have a unique and self-sufficient methodology which strengthens the relationships between donors and beneficiaries. First, all foreign staff salaries are provided through grass-roots fundraising in the staff member’s home community. Second, Inma’s minimal overhead costs are funded through private internal resources. As a result, all monetary donations to Inma Foundation go directly to assist the beneficiary.
Offering a broad spectrum of beliefs, cultures and experiences, Inma’s team includes individuals from Lebanon, Palestine, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Canada and the United States. Each staff member fundraises personal salaries from their own respective home community.

Motivated by the potential for positive change, Inma employees gather together in small groups on a regular basis, think together, discuss together, pray together and play together, striving to embody and pass on the following principles:

• Humble ourselves
• Give without seeking a return
• Empower and not control
• Show mercy, not revenge
• Seek justice and freedom for all people
• Encourage and not discourage
• Spread hope and not despair
• Believe and not doubt
As President Sophie Kriedieh says about fellow humanitarian organizations: We do not compete with each other. We complete each other. With this inclusive spirit, Inma has worked with the following groups:

Mohmammed Khalid Foundation
United Nations Relief & Works Agency
Mission of Mercy
Bridges of Love
Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund

Inma seeks individual donors who share our humanitarian values and trust in our commitment to serving the disadvantaged communities of Lebanon. Our donors come from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, Lebanon, Jordan, UK, Australia and The Netherlands.

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