The INMA Volunteer Experience

When we arrived in Beirut we were still not sure what to expect. We knew we would be working with kids in a Palestinian refugee camp – but that was about it. The first impression as we walked into the camp was of an incredible web of electrical wires and water pipes haphazardly strung up […]

A visit to the Refugee camp in Beirut

Almost every week I host visitors from around the world who heard about our work in the Refugee camps. A few weeks ago Mark came and I asked him if you would write his experience so we could publish it on this site. I think it says a lot. Thank you Mark! Robert “My travels […]

Eye Surgery Clinic – Beirut, Lebanon

On Sunday May 8th until Tuesday May 10th we will have another eye surgery clinic in Mohammed Khalid Social Foundations in Qouzai. INMA Foundation is responsible for all the details of this wonderful program that has been a blessing for so many. Our international team of volunteers will, together with many nationals, aim to bring […]