What does Inma mean?
Inma is the Arabic word for “development or enhancement”.

Which groups do you serve?
Those living in the Lebanon who are disadvantaged through poverty and oppression.

How do you help promote reconciliation between communities?
In two ways. First, the Inma Foundation is comprised of employees from a variety of cultures, ethnicities and beliefs, all working together to serve others. Second, the INMA approach to service is based on genuine relationships and human connections.

What kind of programs does Inma provide?
This depends on our resources and funding. In the past, we’ve provided cataract surgeries for the poor, day camps for children, English classes, vocational training for aspiring adolescents, neighborhood renovations and annual child sponsorship programs. Learn more here.

How does Inma find beneficiaries?
In Lebanon, you need not look far to find people in need. Relationship-building is the key to our reconnaissance.

What geographic areas does Inma serve?

Inma serves all of Lebanon, including South Lebanon, Bekaa Valley, Baalbek, Hermel, Beirut, Chouf, Tripoli. In the future, we aim to expand our services to other countries in the region.

How is Inma funded?
Inma does not seek specific donors. Rather, through relationships, we find groups or individuals who share our values and trust in our commitment to serving the disadvantaged communities of Lebanon. These include domestic and international private donors and local and international non-profit organizations.

Each foreign staff member earns living expenses through fundraising in their home community and all administrative expenses are paid for by founder overhead. Consequently, all donations to INMA Foundation go directly to our beneficiary programs.

Is Inma politically or ethnically affiliated?

Is Inma a faith-based organization?
Yes, Inma Foundation is guided by Jesus of Nazareth and his teachings. Read our Promise of Faith.

Does Inma serve Palestinian Refugees?
Yes. We serve all those living in Lebanon.

Why are these Palestinians refugees in Lebanon?
Palestinian refugees were displaced from their homeland in 1947. They fled to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. Currently, there are 400,000 Palestinian refugees across 13 camps in Lebanon. Here, Palestinian refugees do not have access to citizenship or legal employment. Learn more at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency website.

How can I volunteer with Inma Foundation?
Please contact us.

How can I donate to Inma Foundation?
Donors can contact us for customized arrangements or use the following bank information:

BankMed sal
Raouche Branch
PO Box 11-348
Beirut – Lebanon
AC no. 02.40012415400
In the name of: Inmaa’ Foundation
Fax: 01-808610 ext. 10

Or contact us for customized arrangement

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